Cassidy Bernstein

If we had to do our wedding over again I would definitely have Sam do the job! We will also use him in the future for another another video that we may need! He flew all the way to Georgia from Las Vegas for our big day! Sam was more on top of the timeline and figuring things out before hand then I was myself. He would also bring up great points that I hadn't thought of. We got our video back within a couple weeks of the wedding and it was great to relive that awesome day! Every time I watch it I see new things that I didn't see before! The attention to detail that Sam put into it was unreal & he made sure that he got every significant moment in it.  
I also ended up having a little bit of a crazy photographer and he handled her like a champ & kept the mood calm!:) We would highly recommend anyone using Sam for any video that you made need! We are already spreading the word about him! Thank you again Sam!

Evelyne Lamontagne

"Sam knows what he's doing; he is looking for the special details that makes your event special to capture! He might be more than 6' tall, but he knows how to disappear and make you comfortable in front of his camera. He has an artistic eye you can trust! He is dedicated, professional and respectful!"

Erika Sheer

"Sam was the videographer at my backyard wedding in Las Vegas. He did a great job and was so professional. He and his beautiful wife first met me and my now husband, Tim, for lunch where we got to know each other and share some fun stories. We discussed how I saw our wedding going, and what I wanted in a video. This was a great first impression because not only were they so friendly and fun, but it really made me feel comfortable around him on the wedding day. 
Sam came to the rehearsal at my house to get some ideas for the next day. He was very present on the wedding day and I could tell he and my photographer were enjoying themselves, which made me and tim also enjoy being involved.
When I received the video, on my honeymoon (wow, so fast) we were completely blown away. The video was so beautiful and we loved every single moment of it. Tim made fun of me because he kept catching me watching it over and over again! When I shared the link on facebook, I had such an amazing response. Friends were telling me they were crying watching it, that they had never seen a video as good as mine, etc. After the wedding he sent us our video in beautiful Packaging. Its actually decor in my home!
I wasn't sure if I was going to get a videographer for the wedding, and I am so glad we had him, because it takes me back to that day every time I watch it.
I would highly recommend Sam for your wedding, or event. He has a wonderful eye and a very creative mind."

Ghislain Ramage

"I needed a promotional video to show my work, and the result of what Sam did with was just outstanding. He has a very artistic and creative eye that makes the video very unique. And and top of that, he's an awesome generous and nice person to work with. I highly recommend his work!"

Stewart Mckenzie

"Full filming and photo shots of my duo aerial straps act. Perfect professional and moreover just a real top class lad to work with! Absolute pleasure, everyone get involved! Peace!"

Amos Glick

"Sam made and informational spot for my variety show. He delivered a product beyond my expectations. He came to the table excited and with a bunch of ideas. He was easy and fun to work with and was always a true professional."